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Jib Cranes from Redfern Flinn

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Redfern Flinn  offer a range of Jib Cranes, all of which comply to Australian Standard AS 1418.

Hercules Jib Crane – The Hercules features span from 3m up to 8m and SWL from 250kg up to 5000kg. Height adjustable versions can be built to order and the crane’s simple design makes it easy to assemble and dismantle.  

Practicus Jib Crane – This slew crane is available as a column-mounted or wall-mounted unit. The jib height can be adjusted to needs. It is suitable for general use and features economical design.  

Assistant Jib Crane - The Assistant Jib Crane can provide maximum possible lift for a given overall height. It is also available in wall or column mounts and it helps reduce production costs. A system of accessories and standard parts are used to cater for special user needs.  

Meister Jib Crane - This crane can be used inside, outside, on production lines, and in despatch areas and loading bays. It can help to improve a workplace’s safety and efficiency and is available with a motorised or manual slew. The slewing angle of 360º means it can service a large area.

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