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Automatic isolation switch tester

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article image SwitChek - confirms isolation.

SWITCHEK, available from Redbusbar , provides fast, low cost confirmation that an isolating switch is off.

Unlike other methods, non-electrical personnel can determine switch integrity without the risk of producing misleading results.

The need to perform installation or maintenance work on electrically powered equipment necessitates that the equipment must be isolated (de-energised) so that it is safe to access.

Simply switching off and locking an isolating switch is not sufficient.

Isolations need to be proven sound. Workplace accidents, industry regulations and regular evidence of dangerous failure modes of isolating switches attest to the need for proving isolations before commencing work.

SwitChek is an automatic, isolation switch tester. It tests each phase of an isolating switch by injecting high voltage on the supply side of the switch and monitors for current leakage on the load side of the switch.

SwitChek guarantees an accurate result by testing itself, testing the switch, testing itself. SwitChek is portable so one unit can test multiple isolation switches.

A SwitChek Interface is fitted to each switch. SwitChek can test switches that are live or dead.

No licenses are necessary. Anyone can operate SwitChek. Simply plug in the test lead and press the ‘Test’ button. All three phases are tested in 60 seconds.

A green light indicates an isolating switch pass and a red light indicates isolating switch failure.

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