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Maggy Lamps are available for purchase from Redbank Instruments . These lamps come in three different models; desk, twin tube and hand held. There are currently three different types of desk lamps manufactured by Maggy Lamps and these are as follows:

The design of this lamp incorporates a flexible gooseneck arm and a metal base that provides the necessary counterbalance to keep the lamp in an upright position on the desk. It has a circular 127 mm glass lens which has a 2 x magnification. The lamp is ruggedly constructed and one of the most popular in the range. It comes with a 22 watt natural daylight tube.

This lamp is a small desk model which comes in an off-white colour. Its design incorporates a 90 mm lens with 1.75 x magnification. It also has a heavy base which weighs 1.5 kg and a flicker free electronic start capability. This lamp comes with a daylight tube with protective diffuser as standard.

Junior II
This lamp is very similar to the Junior in its design, except it comes in a stylish black colour.

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