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Australian timber flooring manufacturer saves with LED floodlights from Redbank Instruments

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article image The CHH woodchip yard with PurEco LED floodlights

Redbank Instruments  supplied LED floodlights to a timber flooring manufacturer to help save on energy consumption as well as repair and maintenance costs.

Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) Wood Products based in Gympie, QLD was using metal halide floodlights to illuminate their woodchip yard. Operating all 24 hours of the day, this section of their plant was busy with the continual loading of wood chips onto a processing line by front end loaders.

Repairing or replacing the metal halide bulbs on top of the 17m light towers was a frustrating task for the electrical supervisor of the plant as it required hiring crane/hoist equipment, which not only cost money but also necessitated the yard to be shut down to allow the crane to access the towers.

CHH approached Redbank Instruments for an LED lighting solution.

Existing lighting lux levels in the yard were taken along with distance measurements between lighting towers. Redbank, in conjunction with PurEco-Switzerland, offered CHH a solution using 9 x 260 watt LED floodlights. Their proposal included a light simulation report showing increased lux levels with the LED lights.

CHH accepted the proposal, installed the LED floodlights and has never looked back.

The timber flooring manufacturer was able to achieve 80% savings on energy consumption alone. As against the 12kW of power used by the six metal halide floodlights previously, the current solution with nine LED floodlights consumes only 2360 watts.

Savings on repair and maintenance are also substantial since there is no need for ongoing bulb changing thanks to the 50,000 hours of operating life of the PurEco LED floodlights, equivalent to at least 10 years if used 12 hours per day.

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