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RedPrairie unveils execution management solution for petroleum and convenience stores

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RedPrairie  has unveiled its execution management solution for petroleum and convenience stores.

Popular and widely-used by retailers such as Best Buy, Borders, JCPenney and Lowe’s, RedPrairie’s solution is now available to C-Store operators for the first time.

Execution management closes the gap between corporate sales strategy and retail program execution, by providing task strategists, gatekeepers and managers a comprehensive view of chain-wide operations and workloads to enable customisation and optimisation of projects and tasks.

Execution management is the latest addition to RedPrairie’s E2e Retail suite, which provides comprehensive and well-integrated suite of applications available today for managing retail, hospitality and food service operations.

Together, these solutions address a full spectrum of site and headquarters operations including workforce management, inventory management, operations management, learning management and performance management.

“We are building additional features and functionality at a rapid pace to keep up with the high demand of C-Store operators excited to capitalise on the visibility and granular control that execution management provides,” said Kim Eaton, President, RedPrairie Retail Productivity Division.

“Our Petroleum and Convenience Store customers will experience the same rapid operations improvements and immediate ROI that our current retail customers have already achieved.”

Execution management can be used to address the following business problems:

  • New product launches and promotions
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Price changes and audits
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Location remodelling / conversion

Features of RedPrairie execution management:

RedPrairie’s execution management application consists of two interconnected modules, each a key function of successful execution management:

Task manager:

Task manager turns communication, task execution and monitoring into a manageable, completely controlled process.

Using templates configured specifically to meet a C-Store chain’s needs, managers fully describe interactive projects online.

Each process includes milestone dates, personalised task assignments, time estimates for each task and diagrams of key task information to assist staff.

The module’s best practices templates offer a simple and effective way to share ideas that are working in top performing sites.

Task manager keeps every task under control, down to a small detail. The Task calendar gives users a view of all initiatives by month, by week or by quarter.

Each project is colour-coded for easy identification and the calendar is personalised to focus on the issues of importance to each user’s role in the organization.

The module’s dynamic scheduling ability allows users to analyse labour requirements by site, identifying potential overload situations.

All RedPrairie users from the frontline sales associates to the district manager receive a personalised task list each day, so they can quickly identify all duties and which are critical.

As each task is completed, the employee checks it off the list. Drill down screens with the task manager reveal task execution details including:

  • Information required for completion of the task
  • Links to best practices that may be applicable to the task
  • Feedback comments
  • A place to record exceptions and raise issues

Monitoring and compliance screens track the status of each task within a process. Managers can view who completed each task, and if it was completed on schedule.

The district manager’s view of the monitoring and compliance screen gives a summary view of the status of all processes assigned to sites in the district.

The DM’s can drill into any of the process to proactively identify issues and assist the specific site. The screen view gives a clear indication if certain sites are experiencing multiple problems meeting schedules.

Feedback manager:

The feedback manager gives managers a way to gather information about sites, competitors and employees. Depending on the type of feedback response selected, a graph or a listing will display results that can be printed or shared.

Types of reports include:

  • Root cause analyses
  • Site rankings
  • Real time compliance reports
  • Audit results
  • Employee job satisfaction surveys

These reports help managers identify gaps in performance and best practices that can be applied across the entire chain.

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