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RedPrairie’s WFM Application Suite improve WMS training and knowledge transfer with eLearning

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To meet the knowledge transfer needs of an expanding customer base, RedPrairie have integrated eLearning into their Workforce Management (WFM) for supply chain solutions.

The new addition allocates eLearning’s many instructional benefits to a workplace setting, meaning the entire RedPrairie WFM Application Suite is able to leverage eLearning.

The programme assigns bundled job and role-defined courses to staff learning new technology, products, processes or responsibilities.

Used in the warehouse, the WFM directs effective engineered standards for labour and performance management. As a component of the RedPrairie Learning Management system, eLearning has already been successful in training retail employees for more than four years as part of RedPrairie WFM for Retail.

Additionally, eLearning’s orientation as Software as a Service (SaaS) provides companies with the flexibility of a subscription model, while offering employees the ability to review course material from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

RedPrairie EVP Products and Marketing, Jim Hoefflin says that other programmes are often limited to training on the software application and cannot be extended to client courses. This is a concern for many executives as retiring workers take their valuable job information with them upon leaving. While many companies are resigned to a costly and unmanageable knowledge transfer, smart organisations are utilising intuitive training programmes to make the process more efficient.

eLearning improves training results and can reduce errors and accidents in the workplace by presenting trainees with real-world scenarios, while tracking performance and compliance history along each course. These features make it easy for employers to identify knowledge gaps before they impact process and convey preferred methods or engineered standards efficiently and effectively. An included authoring tool even allows instructors to create and maintain their own content.

With 20 global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provide reliable service and support.

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