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RedPrairie provide Workforce Management Application Suite for HR execution across industries

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article image The Workforce Management (WFM) Application Suite for effective management of workforce operations

To meet the needs of an increasingly unique and specialised human resources industry, RedPrairie have announced a developed, unified and broadly applicable Workforce Management (WFM) Application Suite, designed for use across industries.

The system differs from most standard management applications in its ability to serve the distinctive qualities of a multitude of organisations, whether based in retail, hospitality, food service, distribution, or manufacturing sectors.

With RedPrairie’s WFM solution as the core, the suite offers increased productivity and visibility into workforce operations, including time and attendance, business forecasting, workforce demand planning, dashboards with configurable alerts, and computer-based training.

These integrated applications provide multiple benefits including:

Vital knowledge transfer and full compliance with internal and external regulation via the RedPrairie Learning Management solution, particularly useful in the manufacturing sector where on-boarding and training are critical initiatives.

Control and feedback for HR executives through the planning and execution process via RedPrairie’s Execution Management solution. For industries like financial services, where there are specific customer service requirements, Execution Management helps ensure compliance.

End-to-end management direction via RedPrairie Performance Management suitable for hospitality and gaming customers in providing visibility at every tier of management, from the property to district, regional, and corporate departments.

While RedPrairie’s Workforce Operations Suite manages the basic workforce components seen in every industry such as time and attendance, scheduling, an overview of planned and actual hours, the individual components go beyond and focus on the granularity of specific elements unique to each business.

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