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RedPrairie introduces Parcel solution with full Transportation Management and Warehouse Management integration

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Sydney Australia  – RedPrairie ,  a productivity software provider, has introduced a Parcel solution fully integrated with the company’s Transportation Management and Warehouse Management solutions. The system will provide new opportunities for shipment consolidation and best-rate shipping, as well as synchronised order picking to match consolidated shipments for optimised warehouse labour. 

“Many retailers, parts suppliers, and other companies ship a large volume of parcels directly to their customers,” says RedPrairie VP of Product Strategy, Tom Kozenski. “In the past, this process was often a separate operation within the warehouse, or may have been handled by a separate facility or a third-party provider – an expensive approach that fails to leverage cost-saving capabilities of integrated transportation and warehouse management solutions. By integrating our Parcel, Transportation Management, and Warehouse Management solutions, RedPrairie will enable our customers to handle parcel shipments concurrently with their other warehouse and transportation operations, streamlining fulfilment and reducing costs.”

With the Parcel solution, large volume parcel shippers can now take advantage of broader transportation consolidation, routing, mode selection, and rate shopping opportunities, thus driving down costs. The enhancements will also allow parcel shippers to take advantage of advanced functions such as “zone skipping,” making possible direct-to-consumer shipment with less expenditure.

The solution is compliant with a number of key carriers, and as part of that compliance, provides approved label formats, shipping paperwork, carrier services, and electronic manifesting. Parcel is also available as a standalone application, allowing pure parcel shippers, and companies not using RedPrairie’s fully integrated suite, to take advantage of its cost-saving capabilities.

“An integrated approach to supply chain management will invariably decrease any organization’s operating expenses,” says RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. “Our customers have recognised the benefits of this strategy for many years.”

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