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RedPrairie introduce workload planner system

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RedPrairie  have introduced workload planner system, a new component of their unified workforce management solutions. The workload planner system allows users to analyse and manage workload based on individual labour standards by task and by store.

According to Borders Group, the workload planner system has made a difference in their optimisation efforts by gatekeeping at the corporate office and moving their organisation away from a one-size-fits-all store operations approach. In the past, Borders Group had to use the same estimate at every store when planning and communicating work. Now, each store’s tasks are scheduled according to their individual ability to handle work. The result has been an increase in efficiency, productivity and compliance.

In the past, store operations planners did not have the ability to calculate the impact of various labour options from a bottom-up perspective. The workload planner system allows power users within a company’s workload planning group to optimise the return on labour for each store by calculating actual effort required to complete each project. The workload planner system provides what-if scenario analysis on project timing, content, priority and phasing. As a result, organisations can use workload planner system to phase and prioritise projects over time, while comparing demand for labour to capacity by store and by week.

According to RedPrairie, the workload planner system is an alternative to manual efforts that manage each store’s workload. These processes were time consuming and often resulted in costly inconsistencies such as overloading stores with work, or failing to leverage available resources. The workload planner system combines real-time visibility into store operations, inventory and labour processes, with advanced algorithms to deliver multi-level prioritisation and precise project scheduling.

The workload planner system provides sales associates with more time on the sales floor with customers by optimising process planning across each retail organisation’s entire chain. Tying in labour standards with calculated activity requirements produces a more efficient store, and a more efficient business overall.

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