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RedPrairie enhance internationalised shipment capabilities in Transportation Management System

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RedPrairie  have announced a host of new features in their updated TMS release, which are built especially for Asia Pacific customers.

Additions to the application include ocean, rail, and air-based multi-modal transportation support, time-based transit service standards and enhanced geocoding.

The new features will allow transport by means other than roads including barge and ferry travel over ocean or short sea, maximising efficient transportation methods and allowing better transit time calculation, while lowering costs and environmental impact.

“Implementing a Transport Management System that can be applied across not only state lines but international borders is a major hurdle for any large, expanding business,” says Erv Bluemner, RedPrairie Vice President of Product Strategy.

“This release allows our customers to include differences across geopolitical boundaries with all of their logistics strategies. In the past, International executives have had difficulty finding a single system to manage shipments both domestically and across far-flung regions. Our new release enables global shipments in one system.”

The new release is especially sensitive to a host of complicating factors associated with international logistics including time zone changes, support for single as well as multiple contract multi-modal shipment planning, and extended International mapping and distance calculations. These new features will enable international movement optimisation and more flexible options for how to conduct those movements.

International shipping in and between regions without postal codes such as areas within central China has been a particularly difficult issue for manufacturers.

RedPrairie’s new release features global map and guide support, which allowing customers to encode regions made up of locations as broad as multiple states or as specific as given address IDs.

The software also includes a range of new features to assist third party logistics (3PL) providers with billing, booking and managing their services.

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