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Integrated slotting application

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RedPrairie has released that its integrated Slotting application, SlottingCtl, is available in Australia and Asia Pacific.

The RedPrairie Slotting system optimises the placement of items in a warehouse according to business rules and product attributes. The RedPrairie solution is unique in that it optimised the placement using discrete engineered standards, providing a true picture of the efficiency of SKU slotting not found in other slotting applications.

The slotting algorithm incorporates a wide selection of user definable criteria, like product pick velocity, product family groups, weight and size as well as facility operational standards, ergonomics and special storage requirements like for hazardous (HAZMAT) goods. Slotting and re-slotting are seamless with the RedPrairie solution.

The RedPrairie solution improves efficiency, reduces pick times, increased order accuracy, provides a safer more ergonomic workplace and minimised disruption, through integration with warehouse management workflows.


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