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Davies Turner boosts productivity with Warehouse Management solution from RedPrairie

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Davies Turner, an independent operator in UK for European freight and international logistics business, have boosted productivity by following the implementation of Warehouse Management supplied by RedPrairie .

RedPrairie have supplied Davies Turner with their Warehouse Management solution (WMS), billing software and the integrator product, an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool that enables Davies Turner to integrate with multiple host systems and support multiple contracts with customers for sales, invoices and reports.

Andrew Slater, Head of Logistics at Davies Turner, said that they needed a configurable system that would give more flexibility. They selected the RedPrairie’s WMS solution because it was user-friendly, and it enables them to take on new clients at short notice. Today, Davies Turner can get a new customer onto the system in a day. The upgrade functionality within the system can make the business future proof.

The new solution has made Davies Turner, self-sufficient. A key benefit is that productivity has been increased. The increased speed of implementation and the improved communication between sites are due to the multi-user functionality, which means the same product and processes are used across all sites. The new solution has given the opportunity to manipulate data easily and expand the business with a competitive offering.

When Davies Turner decided to manage the rollout process, RedPrairie was willing to transfer the knowledge. RedPrairie and Davies Turner worked closely on the first rollout, which went live in April 2007. On the projects that followed, Davies Turner took the lead, using RedPrairie as a resource when required. Now seven sites are live with 45 clients.

The integration tool was rolled out as a part of the Warehouse Management project, and the billing product is currently implemented. This is a crucial project for Davies Turner, as current procedures are complex and the system takes a long time to manage. The new RedPrairie solution will make the process much quicker.

Future plans include looking at rolling out the Warehouse Management Solution to the freight management arm of the business. RedPrairie have stated that the Warehouse Management Solution is a good example of RedPrairie working with a customer to make their solution work for them. The flexibility and agility of the system has enabled Davies Turner to provide better service to their customers.

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