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Build-to-Order and inventory sequencing solutions from RedPrairie

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RedPrairie , a world leading consumer driven optimisation company, has integrated Build-To-Order manufacturing capabilities designed for highly complex sequencing into its industry-leading E2e supply chain execution suite.

Functionality such as Build-to-Order (BTO), Just-in-time (JIT) in line sequencing, error proofing and traceability originally developed for the automotive industry is now available for manufacturers and suppliers of other complex products, including electronics, computers, glass, windows and doors. The result is sophisticated in-line sequencing capabilities that reduce costs and improve material and information flows.

The RedPrairie solution tracks component levels, revision levels, expiration dates, and code dates which are critical for recall traceability, warranty processing, returns disposition and repair forecasting. The capabilities are fully integrated with RedPrairie WMS and complement existing RedPrairie solutions for kitting, de-kitting, light assembly, and returns/repair processing.

The seamless integration with configurable workflows was made possible by the fact the RedPrairie applications share a granular inventory model that tracks item attributes.

Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president product strategy said, “RedPrairie is continuing to add value to customers’ operations by enabling them to reduce costs and improve service levels. No other supply chain software supplier has such a sophisticated solution. You can’t just add these multi-level Bill-of-Material data structures to a generic WMS. The application has to natively support this very granular inventory model. That’s what makes this integration so powerful. Manufacturers and their suppliers both need this type of application to properly sequence inventory to production lines.”

RedPrairie supply chain customers have been leveraging this granular inventory tracking and multi-level Bill-of-Materials model for over 12 years in areas such as kitting, de-kitting, light assembly, and returns/repair processing. To this was added the just-in-time in-line inventory sequencing, error proofing and traceability used by leading automotive manufacturers. The combination provides an end-to-end manufacturing and supply chain solution that streamlines operations, reduces costs and provides more accurate, timely delivery to customers.

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