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BlueCube Enterprise Software for mid-sized convenience store retailers from RedPrairie

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RedPrairie Corporation, an optimisation company, announced that E.J. Pope & Son, Inc. (Handy Mart) has purchased its BlueCube Enterprise Software for mid-sized convenience store retailers.

Handy Mart will implement the supply chain management, financial management, learning management, time and attendance, and scheduling solutions in 43 locations. The BlueCube Enterprise Software will help Handy Mart improve labour cost, inventory management and customer service.

The BlueCube Enterprise Software will provide Handy Mart with the necessary information to identify trends, analyse customer buying behaviour, optimise inventory levels and react quickly to changes at the sites. The implementation of BlueCube Enterprise Software will revolutionize store operations by enabling store, field and corporate managers to manage by exception.

They will rely on BlueCube Enterprise alerts to notify them that operational challenges exist and need to be resolved. The scheduling solution of the BlueCube Enterprise Software will enable Handy Mart to efficiently schedule labour to improve service while reducing cost.

According to Handy Mart, it needed a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of its supply chain. RedPrairie’s subscription model allows Handy Mart to implement back office technology affordably by reducing up front costs. Handy Mart is certain that this effort will allow it to improve its customer service and result in increased profitability.

By implementing RedPrairie’s integrated features of store level forecasted ordering, time and attendance and electronic employee scheduling to reduce costs, Handy Mart will use the learning management and e-Courses to deliver training to employees so rapid adoption of the features can be realised.

According to RedPrairie, integrating to Verifone’s Sapphire allows it to take advantage of its true open system architecture and allows the company access to richer data, enabling it to implement forecasted ordering, item level inventory control and full electronic replenishment at E.J. Pope and Son.

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