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Belspeed implements Warehouse Management System from RedPrairie

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Belspeed, a fashion logistics provider, has opted for Warehouse Management system (WMS) developed by RedPrairie to increase the productivity of its warehouses. The system will enable Belspeed to meet the booming demand for its services with high efficiency and considerably reduce the administrative paperwork.

Three-in-one package increases automation

Belspeed selected RedPrairie’s WMS which can handle all inbound stocks, warehouse management, and picking order processes. Incoming goods are automatically allocated to an optimal site within the warehouse.

The optimisation of order picking routes allows multiple customers' orders to be handled simultaneously. In addition, inventories can be tracked and controlled online.

The WMS features a billing module, enabling Belspeed to automate the invoicing of its services to customers. Also included is an integrated module for customs handling, which simplifies administration. This digitised administrative flow will reduce much of the paperwork.

Higher work-floor productivity

Belspeed expects productivity in its warehouses to improve vastly, thus allowing it to continue ensuring an efficient service to its growing customer base. The automation provided by the WMS will generate additional benefits during peak seasons, when the number of people in the warehouses doubles.

Because the WMS’ hand-held devices provide clear picking instructions to users, new recruits can get started immediately with a minimum of training.

An important sector for RedPrairie

‘We have investigated several Warehouse Management Systems and have selected RedPrairie,’ says Peter Van Butsel, IT Manager at Belspeed. ‘We believe the functionality of their solutions will assist us in our growth, management, and customer satisfaction. We are very enthusiastic about bringing in RedPrairie, as this will improve our service tremendously.’

Peter Van Merode, Executive Director at RedPrairie, comments: ‘RedPrairie is proud to be able to provide a solution that is both rapid and fitting for Belspeed’s specific needs. The implementation means that we are further strengthening our presence in the dynamic fashion logistics sector.’

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