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Solar outdoor lighting systems from Rechenberg Security

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Rechenberg Security  specialises in the supply and installation of security systems including surveillance, security fencing and monitoring services.  

Rechenberg offers a range of solar lighting solutions as part of their security services including off grid solar lighting with surveillance and fencing systems.  

Rechenberg’s solar outdoor lighting systems are suitable for a wide range of lighting applications in various environments.  

These standalone 12V solar light systems are often more cost effective than traditional on-grid lighting since they eliminate costs incurred on civil works required for underground cabling, excavation and wiring.  

Design, supply and installation services are provided for:  

  • Solar roadway lighting for infrastructure
  • Village lighting for streets and roadways
  • Community park and pathway lighting for open areas
  • Security lighting for mining camps
  • Security lighting for government compounds and depot facilities
  • Solar lighting where no electricity is available
  • Solar renewable lighting in rural and remote areas

Rechenberg Security offers: 

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring services
  • Alarm system design, installation, maintenance and service
  • Access control design, installation, maintenance and service
  • CCTV video surveillance design, installation, maintenance and service
  • Electrified perimeter fencing design, installation, maintenance and service
  • iTower mobile surveillance systems
  • Locksmith services throughout the Bundaberg and Wide Bay region
  • Medical alert systems

Rechenberg Security offers certified design and construction services for their solar outdoor LED lighting solutions: 

  • Area and security lighting systems: Greenway, TPM, 20/20
  • Street and roadway lighting systems: TPM
  • Pathway and park lighting systems: Greenway, 20/20
  • Shelter lighting systems: Oasys
  • Billboard and signage lighting systems: BLS
  • Pathway and perimeter bollards: PM


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