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ReCoila introduces BAR2050 Safety Barrier Reel

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ReCoila, an Australian manufacturer of hose reels, has introduced BAR2050 Safety Barrier Reel to the ReCoila hose reels (and cable reels) range.
The ReCoila BAR2050 Safety Barrier reel is fitted with 20 metres of 50mm wide woven webbing material used commonly for industrial barriers. The webbing is a safety orange colour and is tough; the same material is used for lifting slings.
The ReCoila BAR2050 Safety Barrier reel is spring retractable and can be used in industrial (and commercial) situations, where a safety barrier is required to keep personnel (or visitors) from entering an unsafe or restricted area. Particularly suited to common areas, the reel can be mounted simply on one wall; the barrier webbing then pulled out and placed onto a hook / bracket on opposite wall / stanchion / pillar, then retracted when no longer required.
The BAR2050 Safety Barrier reel can be used in areas that regularly need cordoning off for maintenance, besides in large entrances / roller door openings that need to be open for light and airflow, however, which need to be access denied.
The BAR2050 safety barrier reel is constructed using the available quality materials. The reels are made of U.V. stabilized copolymer poly-propylene, which is resistant to sunlight, acids, alkalis and a large range of chemicals, and the quality finished edge spring for maximum durability, unparalleled performance and longevity.

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