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ReCoila Reels warns of OH&S risks from hoses and cords without reels

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article image Without reels, hoses and cords are a trip hazard

Leading industrial hose reel specialist, ReCoila Reels points out the dangers of using hoses and cords without hose reels, which may lead to potential workplace injuries.  

According to ReCoila Managing Director Mr Michael Pawson, there are only a few companies on the global market that offer hose reels as a total and completely specialised business. General suppliers that deal in hose reels as one of many line items of their business may overlook simple yet critical operating features leading to an OH&S risk at the workplace.  

Hose reels in the Australian industrial workplace have to slot in like any other piece of operating equipment, therefore it is important to consider the design and job application to minimise all chances of such equipment being part of a workplace accident.  

Though ReCoila Reels are customisation specialists, the company ensures all line items are designed in accordance with OH&S expectations, working closely with end users to identify exactly how the hose or cord will be required to work in situ.  

In addition to ensuring worker safety, these precautions reduce accidents, positively impacting the bottom line for a company.  

Given that hose reels can often be a vital piece of equipment in an emergency situation, attention to detail in design is highly important at ReCoila. When every aspect of the reel design works efficiently and continuously during standard workplace procedure, it is far more likely to work without failure during an emergency.  

Hose reels are not given a lot of attention at several workplaces with hoses scattered around the floor, which is a potentially dangerous trip hazard. Slips, trips and falls are some of the leading causes of workplace accidents and compensation claims around Australia.  

Mr Pawson remarks that while sizeable budgets are allocated for workplace safety and systems that will reduce time, hoses continue to be operated without reels, making the hose a potential barrier against speedy response in case of an emergency.  

Key advantages of hose reels:  

  • More organised, clean and efficient workplaces
  • Increased productivity from better and quicker access
  • Reduces the threat of expensive air and water leakage
  • Minimises damage to hoses and cables
  • Helps reduce accident and insurance claims by preventing trips and falls
  • Can be customised to specific application requirements

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