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ReCoila Reels chosen for inflating explosive management devices

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article image ReCoila heavy duty steel, hand crank hose reels
ReCoila Reels was approached by MTI Group to supply a hose reel suited to plugging a 'breakthrough' hole, ensuring drilling could be maintained at depths that cannot be reached by direct personnel input. 

A 'breakthrough' is when a down hole is drilled between levels and breaks through to an open tunnel which has limited access.

A medium duty steel, hand crank reel was supplied by ReCoila, making it suitable for the long hose lengths. MTI added additional controls to remotely manipulate inflatable devices at the end of the hose, which are critical to the whole process.

According to MTI, ReCoila's hand crank hose reels were chosen due to its robust construction and design.

In order to be able to load the hole with explosives for further blasting, the 'breakthrough' needs to be plugged, and for this MTI used an air inflated plugging device that needed to be dropped down holes up to 90 metres deep.

MTI required a hose reel that was lightweight, durable and easily transportable, in order to get the device accurately positioned in the down hole. The rugged hose reels from ReCoila were suited for the extremely harsh working environment that it was exposed to.

MTI has reported excellent results overall and has indicated that with sufficient scope, ReCoila would be a more than capable of designing and supplying additional custom made hose reels for other projects on the horizon.

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