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Hose management and increasing safety on the mine workshop floor

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article image Mining fluids need organisation for hoses and conduits

Australian hose reels specialist ReCoila Reels offers solutions to address two of the bigger challenges in handling fluids in the mining sector. 

Mine managers need to constantly look for ways to maintain speed and efficiency without sacrificing workplace safety standards. Hoses are extensively used in the mining segment for the handling of all types of fluids including hydraulic oils, lubricants, fuels, cutting compounds as well as cleaning agents and plain water. Some mine managers are showing greater awareness towards better practices by using hose reels to achieve efficiency and safety aims.

With safe work practices a major focus area for Australian mining companies, reel specialist ReCoila has been prominent in assisting with hose management systems that keep workers safer, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime.

Managing Director, Mr Michael Pawson observes mining is in the same situation as other Australian industries including engineering/manufacturing, emergency services, food production, dockyards and warehousing. Industrial businesses across diverse segments use hoses for all types of fluid handling while making the most common mistake – keeping these hoses in a cumbersome pile waiting for action. 

According to Mr Pawson, the problem with hose operation without any reel is the pile itself is a trip hazard; then when it is needed for use it could be annoyingly tangled, and when finally in use it again remains a trip hazard because it is still totally on the ground.

Given that fluid handling at a mine site could at times be part of an emergency situation, the workplace safety issues compound even further.

However, using a hose reel takes out the unpredictability factor as it ensures the hose remains tangle-free, whether it is being fed out, retracting, or even sitting idle.

By keeping hoses off the ground, particularly when handling fluids in potentially corrosive environments, expensive hoses are preserved, keeping operating costs down and ensuring they work at an optimum without damage.

ReCoila manufactures hose reels for all types of applications related to mining, drilling, blasting, exploration, surveying, minerals processing and associated industries where strength, reliability and performance are paramount.

The Australian company has worked with offshore oil and gas multinationals, coal miners, uranium miners, fuel providers, water management companies, subsea exploration companies and mining truck builders, supplying hose reels for specific requirements and work conditions.

In particular, its heavy duty T and C Series hose reels are suitable for use with hoses up to 1" ID in standard configurations, with many customisable options including drive type, construction materials, swivel configurations and finishes. 

ReCoila Reels offers solutions for commonly used hose lengths including 20m, 30m and 60m (plus many more options). The hose reels are built to handle large diameter hoses, and also available in 'No Aluminium' versions for underground applications.

ReCoila manufactures and supplies an extensive range of Australian made hose cord and cable reels, with the range supplemented with selected products from renowned quality manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

The ReCoila range include composite spring rewind hose and cable reels, fabricated steel reels in powder coated finish, stainless steel and aluminium with hand crank, and motorised versions.

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