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Economical fuel gases reel available from Recoila

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Recoila, an Australian manufacturer of spring rewind PVC reels for 28 years, offers an economical fuel gases reel for light industrial and commercial operators.

The OA68 Oxy-Acetylene reel is manufactured to the same stringent standards as Recoila’s traditional OA615 (15m) version, which has been used in all sorts of industries, with performance and reliability for some 20 years plus.

The OA68 Oxy reel is fitted with 8 metres of twin Oxy-Acetylene hose, spring rewind, more than enough for many applications.

Recoila Oxy-Acetylene spring rewind reels offer advantages of efficiencies, but importantly safety is the big advantage. Fuel gases hoses left laying around when not in use are subject to damage, such damage can result in leaks of flammable gases, resulting in the potential of fire or even explosion.

Keeping fuel gases hoses neatly retained in a reel when not in use, greatly reduces the risk of damage to the hose, and hence reduces fire / explosion potential.

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