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Air warfare destroyer for the Australian navy from Raytheon Australia

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Raytheon Australia  offers mission systems integration and mission support. Raytheon Australia is divided into five main divisions which include land systems, naval systems, air warfare destroyer, intelligence and technical support and aerospace systems.

Raytheon Australia’s cross business unit team which includes finance, strategy, engineering, human resources, program management and performance excellence, marketing and communications, contracts, supply chain management etc. Raytheon Australia’s services include management of overhaul programme, repairs, providing technical assistance and supplies replacement components. Raytheon Australia provides cost effective and timely solutions. Raytheon Australia also provides wide range of logistic solutions for any product.

Raytheon Australia’s current products in service with Australian Defence Force includes SPS-49 Radar, Phalanx Close-In weapon systems, continuous wave illuminator, thermal weapon sight, transponders, hire thermal sight, IFF transponders, DIM 36/M36 Sight, APG-73 Radars etc.

Raytheon Australia is a selected combat system engineer for new air warfare destroyers for the Australian navy. Air warfare destroyers are designed to protect the naval task force from air, underwater attack and from surface. Raytheon Australia’s team of professional provides innovative solution that exceeds the expectation of the customers.

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