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Laser systems from Raymax Applications for Microstructures

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Raymax Applications  offers laser systems for wide range of applications. Measurement application category uses laser measuring solutions for complete measuring needs including laser power, energy, temporal profile, spatial and integrated solution. Measuring systems from Raymax Applications are user friendly and are used for processes like fault finding, laser calibration, process development and scientific research. Raymax Applications offers measurement systems like Smart Head Detectors, Smart Displays, Beam Profile and Spectrum Analyser.

Microstructures category includes laser machining of components for creating features less than 200 microns by non-thermal photo ablation process. Some of the applications includes precision holes, film drilling, ceramics, laser skiving, wire stripping, insulation materials, micro-joining and micro-marking.

Raymax Applications offers the following lasers and laser systems for microstructures which includes ProMaster, MicroMaster, LightDeck, Atlek Series, LightBench, Lumonics IPEX Series Eximer lasers, Spectrum series lasers, Lightmachinery and JK Series Pulsed lasers, etc.

Raymax Applications offers laser systems for scientific and military category applications which include CW lasers, Millisecond to Nanosecond lasers, Femtoseconds lasers, Picosecond lasers, laser diode components, etc.

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