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Thermoregulators and coolers from Ratek Instruments

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Ratek Instruments  is specialist in manufacturing laboratory equipment like thermoregulators, coolers which is used in scientific, industrial and medical research fields.

Thermoregulators from Ratek Instruments are available in various models. The TH1 thermoregulator is a general use regulator which offers temperature control of water with in the tank reservoir. This type of thermoregulator can be attached to different types of tanks with help of clamp brackets. The heavy duty shaded pole motor with twin paddles provides better agitation within the water bath.

The TH5 thermoregulators from Ratek Instruments are designed in such a way that it provides accurate control of temperature. The temperature of the liquid up to 150 degree Celsius with in the tank can be measured with help of the thermoregulator. It is ideal for large pumps and come with float switch which reduces heating when the water level falls low. It comes with an alarm which rings when the temperature of the water exceeds the set points.

Ratek Instruments provides recirculating and immersion coolers. The immersion cooler is ideal for cooling waters up to 8 litres in an insulated tank at temperatures ranging from 30 to 5 degree Celsius within 25 minutes. Cooling is carried out by eco friendly R134a refrigerant.

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