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ULTEM 9085 thermoplastic material available from RapidPro

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ULTEM 9085 is a strong, lightweight, flame-retardant thermoplastic that is widely used in aircraft interiors. The material has a V-Ø rating for flame, smoke and toxicity (FST). Its availability through RedEye RPM, partners of RapidPro , for the FDM additive fabrication process allows direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

ULTEM 9085 is certified for use on commercial aircrafts. Until now ULTEM 9085 was available only for conventional manufacturing methods. The material was originally developed to help the aerospace industry to boost fuel efficiency and safety. It offers strength and flexibility while producing 5 to 15% lighter interior parts.

According to Jeff DeGrange, Vice President, Stratasys, having ULTEM 9085 for the FDM process will allow aerospace manufacturers to adopt direct digital manufacturing (DDM) on a larger scale. DDM allows manufacturers to integrate part designs, which can reduce part lead times. It can allow the production of parts that could not otherwise be manufactured with traditional methods, improving assembly design and performance.

ULTEM 9085 is heat resistant up to 320° F (160° C), offering full FST compliance including OSU heat release of less than 55/55 or 55KW min/m2 for heat release, and 55KW/m2 for peak heat release.

Besides the aerospace industry, RedEye RPM anticipate that the availability of ULTEM 9085 for FDM prototyping and production can benefit various industries, including the marine-product and automotive industries.

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