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RapidPro’s FDM technology used in medical prototyping

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FDM is being used for medical prototypes because of the materials available for use in FDM prototyping and their ability to be sterilised. ABSi and PC-ISO FDM prototypes are being used for different medical prototypes. RapidPro use FDM technology for manufacturing a diverse range of parts and prototypes.

Dan Cunagin, Logica, believes that FDM has increased the potential user understanding and acceptance of new medical technology for Honeywell.

Cunagin also says that they give more emphasis to the complexity and size of the part. FDM has been preferred because of the material properties of ABS. It is easy to finish, strong, and it approximates injection-molded plastic.

Troy McDonald from Medtronic- Sofamor Danek says that the cutting-edge medical technology has taken new shape because of RapidPro’s FDM rapid prototyping technology.

FDM technology is ideal for medical tools because functional prototypes enable to improve the design.
The ideal example of FDM for Medical Industry has been explained by Dr. Javier Bustamante of Syringe Storage Containers.

Bustamante was looking for syringe storage trays that would allow him to save refrigerator space and aid in the inventory count for his medical practice. He chose RedEye, partners of RapidPro, to help prototype his application throughout the design process.

After Bustamante had received his first round of trays, he realised that the trays were difficult to stack and could be more stable. In addition, the material he chose was medical grade PC-ISO and had a six percent porosity, which may accumulate debris over time.

Bustamante says that the trays would be designed with a higher stacking ability using modified edges or ‘rails’ along the length of the tray. In addition, the wall thickness would also be increased that would be adding more stability.

He has also said that he will be ordering more redesigned trays in ABS and available in yellow, blue, green, grey, red, black and white colours. This will enable Bustamante to easily determine the syringe content, further increasing the safety margin and inventory accuracy.

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