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RapidPro/RedEye RPM opens office in Australia

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RapidPro/RedEye RPM , the rapid prototype and parts builders have opened in Australia. Facilitated by RapidPro in Melbourne, RedEye RPM produces quality thermoplastic parts and prototypes by employing the latest in rapid prototyping technology and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).

The FDM technology is an additive fabrication process that uses production-grade thermoplastic
materials to build functional, durable models and parts in one piece.

A true direct digital manufacturing solution, FDM easily converts 3D CAD files into fully operational working parts using a range of engineering thermoplastic materials, such as a 140+ degree C polyphenylsulfone and pc/iso, a material approved for medical applications (ISO 10993-1)

Managing complex part geometry with ease, FDM removes prior design limitations and tooling
constraints producing high quality, fully repeatable parts in one piece. And because FDM prototypes are working parts, it streamlines product development, getting finished products to market faster.

From its Australian manufacturing center, RedEye RPM Australasia can build and ship parts
throughout Australia and New Zealand in a variety of colours.

RedEye RPM brings instant quoting and ordering to Australia, removing time wasted waiting for quotes.

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