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Rapid Pro's Machining processes

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There are several types of machining processes RapidPro currently use including:


Depending on geometry and material requirements, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) may be a more cost effective option.
RapidPro’s operators are not only highly skilled but also schooled in Metallurgy - further insuring the optional solution.

3 Axis machining in Metal

This can be done on: Stainless steel, Tool steel, Aluminum, Titanium.


Machinable plastics include: ABS, PC, Acrylic.
Table size 1000 * 500mm

Plaster/Epoxy Pattern Making

Patterns can be printed quickly and cheaply making it possible for customers to obtain fast-turnaround metal prototypes.
Cope and drag patterns can be infiltrated, backfilled, and mounted. Sand moulds can then be generated off each side of the squeezer board.
Sacrificial Moulding and Castings.
Using RapidPro’s plaster technique, they can produce cavities and inserts for direct pouring “one offs” for fast cast materials. Direct Metal Casting allows printed parts to be used directly, as a mold, for pouring non-ferrous metal (low temperature). The process eliminates the pattern creation phase of the traditional sand casting process. As a result, the process time is drastically reduced.


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