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Rapid Spill Control offers spill pallets and stormwater drain seals

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Rapid Spill Control  offers spill response equipment including spill pallets, stormwater protection, slit control. The spill pallets are available in three different models.

Spill pallets poly is available in various forms such as 4 Drum spill pallet which is ideal for holding 4 x 205 L drums. It is molded from polyethylene material and resistant to chemicals. This 4 drum spill pallet comes with removable non slip grates. The loads are placed safely and it is also protected with help of pallet covers.

The galvanised spill pallet from Rapid Spill Control is ideal for stacking and racking. Galvanised spill pallet is made from galvanised steel and it is durable and strong. This pallet helps in carrying loads up to 4000 kg. It also comes with two way entry fork pockets which help in easy movement.

Rapid Spill Control offers stormwater drain seals to protect the storm waters and it is available in various sizes. The stormwater drain seal 810 x 950 mm is designed to allow on person to protect the stormwater drains by placing the drain seal with the yellow side down. This yellow side of the drain seal sticks and adheres to the surroundings of the drain. Stormwater drain seal is supplied with bag and wall hook and are resistant to chemicals.

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