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Major upgrade to CADSTAR design solution

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ZUKEN, represented by Randev Holdings , has announced a major upgrade to its CADSTAR front-to-back PCB design solution. CADSTAR 6 provides PCB designers with an innovative constraint manager that assists in the reduction of design iterations and significantly improves productivity in high-speed designs.

It also delivers faster drawing tools, improved routing capabilities, interactive placement and an effective library management tool.

The addition of a constraints manager, a functionality that is usually only available in high-end design tools, allows engineers to set design constraints early in the design process in a spreadsheet-like table that is maintained throughout the PCB design flow, cutting product time-to-market by reducing the need for design rework.

Juergen Thums, construction manager at Siemens TTS AG in Germany commented, "We've worked with CADSTAR for over 10 years and are pleased to report that the recent test of CADSTAR 6 meets our expectations and requirements.

“With boards ranging from 2 layers up to 12 layers with blind and buried via technology, we are pleased that CADSTAR 6 can handle these with ease. The new router functionality, Activ45, is great and has increased our productivity manifold."

Zuken's CADSTAR 6.0 is a Windows-based solution for PCB design that spans schematic capture, placement, routing, library creation and management, signal integrity, EMC analysis, and production of manufacturing data.

Key features and benefits include:

* Activ45: A set of algorithms that enables fast and accurate, interactive 45-degree routing. Layout engineers can input individual route widths without having to pre-define these in advance of the layout. Users simply click on the start point then move the mouse along the desired route to the next connection point. The tool automatically completes error-free routing with true 45-degree angles and will push aside routes to achieve this where necessary.

* Interactive Component Placement: Includes interactive push-aside and spring-back functions, allowing for optimal placement on densely populated boards. In addition, drawing tools have been enhanced to provide faster and more accurate shape creation and copying.

* Component Library: Incorporated to allow the designer to create an HTML-based data sheet for every part in the library, enabling anyone with a browser to share data and extract attributes over an internet connection. Secondly, read-only attributes can be set in the library to provide greater control and security by preventing unauthorised users from changing component values.

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