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Two new lines of precision Zener diodes

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RAMELEC Electronics , the Australian distributor for Diodes Incorporated, has announced the release of two new lines of precision Zener diodes.

The new lines are the second and third product releases utilising Diodes-FabTech's breakthrough precision, high velocity ion implantation process.

Most Zener diode products available on the market today are the result of a traditional diffusion-based process and result in tolerance on Zener breakdown voltage (VZ) down to approximately ±5% at high yield.

In contrast, Diodes' ion implantation process is highly targeted and enables significant performance improvements with control over VZ tolerance to ±2% at very high yield and can achieve tolerances down to ±0.5% if required.

"With these new additions to our Zener line, we continue to leverage our proprietary ion implantation process to push the envelope of device performance and deliver greater value to our customers," said Mark King, vice president of sales and marketing.

"Zener diodes are a key component of our sales mix and these new additions mean that we are now able to offer one of the most comprehensive Zener portfolios in the industry."

The new ultra tight tolerance Zener product line is the DDZ series, and is packaged in a variety of miniature and sub-miniature SOT (3 and 6 pin) and SOD (2 pin) surface mount packages.

The series will be marketed as an alternative to several popular existing Zener diode lines including the 5200 series, BZT52, and BZX84 series.

The DDZ line expands Diodes' application specific array portfolio, specifically targeting price and space sensitive handheld and battery-powered applications requiring no-frills voltage regulation.

The ion implantation technique is also being utilised to produce the new DDZ9600 series featuring a low Zener test current of 50 microamperes.

Optimised for operation at very low biasing currents, the 9600 series is suitable for use in portable end products requiring a minimum of power consumption for extended battery life, such as notebooks, mobile communication and handheld computing devices, including PDAs.

Both the DDZ series and the DDZ9600 series are initially offered in SOD-123, SOT-23, SOD-323, SOT-323 and SOT-363 packages and are assembled at the Diodes-China facility.

Initial voltage offerings range from 5.1V to 43V for DDZ and 2.7V to 39V for DDZ9600 with planned expansion down to 3.6V for DDZ and 2.4V for DDZ9600 by 4Q03.

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