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Space-saving power transformers

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article image Suitable for use in engine management systems.

WITH its new E high-power series, EPCOS has introduced a family of transformers that are able to handle extremely high power densities while taking up significantly less space.

The new EHP 16, for example, can transfer 25W, twice that of the commonly used EF 16 transformer with the same footprint. EPCOS is represented in Australia by Ramelec Electronics .

The transformer series comprises four versions - EHP 16 and EHP 19 as SMDs designed for 25W and 35W respectively, while the EHP 50 and EHP 26 are leaded components designed to handle 50W and 100W respectively.

The components' space requirements range from 17mm x 23.3mm to 27mm x 27.5mm.

The pre-tinned core can be soldered directly to the circuit board, which ensures excellent heat transfer and improved cooling.

Typical applications for the new power transformers include compact power supplies in vehicles such as those used for high-intensity discharge headlamps or engine management systems. Another application is for space-saving dc/dc converters in industrial power supplies.

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