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Proximity switch allows flexible sensing

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article image C40 Opto BERO.

SIEMENS Automation & Drives, represented by Ramelec , has introduced the C40 "Shorty" Opto BERO, a proximity switch that monitors sequences in conveyor systems or in areas involving production, packaging and storage processes.

Four versions include: diffuse (70cm), diffuse with background suppression (5-25cm), polarised reflex (600cm) and reflex (100cm) for detecting transparent objects such as clear glass.

The range and sensitivity are set either via the teach-in key on the unit or via remote control using a remote connection.

The teach-in key can be disabled using the remote connection thus protecting the settings from either deliberate or accidental change.

Enhancements include easily visible corner LEDs and flexibility in installation thanks to its adjustable direction, footprint of only 40 x 40mm and a swivel connection on the base.

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