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Four-pin link capacitors

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article image Standardised case sizes from 16mm × 28.5mm × 41.5mm to 35mm × 50mm × 57.5mm.

EPCOS, represented in Australia by Ramelec Electronics , has released a line of four-pin link circuit capacitors operating on voltages from 250V dc (180V ac) to 850V dc (350V ac). The capacitors are equipped with four terminal wires as standard, whose spacing varies with case size.

A polypropylene film specified from -55ºC to 85°C is used as the dielectric of the capacitors. Like all film capacitors they are self-healing. A plastic case in which the winding is fixed in place by epoxy encapsulation ensures mechanical stability.

Depending on type the capacitors can operate on up to 50A rms at 70°C/100kHz, self-heating is possible up to 15K and they can withstand peak currents of up to 600A. They also have an equivalent series resistance of less than 35mΩ at 100kHz and low equivalent series inductance. Thanks to the wide variety of case sizes, EPCOS can offer an optimum range of power capacitors for modular design of capacitor banks for link circuits.

The B32656-C series comprises various types with standardised case sizes from 16mm × 28.5mm × 41.5mm to 35mm × 50mm × 57.5mm. Customer-specific variants can be supplied on request. Ratings range from 15μF to 60µF at 250V dc, and from 0.27μ to 0.47µF at 2000V dc, with the usual capacitance tolerances from ±5% to ±20%.

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