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Capacitor for power factor correction

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article image Improves and stabilises power quality.

EPCOS, represented in Australia by Ramelec , has released the MKK440-D-56-01 PhaseCap HD capacitor for power factor correction. It is rated at 56 kvar for a supply voltage of 440V at 50Hz and makes it possible to implement a 50 kvar stage with just one capacitor. Previously two 28 kvar capacitors were needed to obtain a 50 kvar stage in a PFC system with a detuning level of 7% in a 400V grid.

The new power capacitors are suitable for power factor correction as well as reducing distortion and harmonics in the grid, improving and stabilising power quality.

They also offer lower space requirements in switching cabinets and simplified logistics. Installation time and costs are also cut. The capacitor is rated at 3 × 307µF for a rated current of 74A.

It is self-healing and PCB-free. The mean life expectancy of the capacitor is 115,000 hours at 5000 switching operations a year.

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