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Broadband filters for automotive market

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article image Useful for designing transmitters for alarm systems or remote controls.

EPCOS, represented in Australia by Ramelec , has released broadband filters for all major frequencies in the automotive market.

They are available in the DCC6C package with a footprint of 3mm × 3mm. Typical insertion loss has been reduced by a least 1dB to 1.7dB in type B3711.

The DCC6C package has been introduced as a new platform for the single-port resonators. Volume production of resonators for major frequencies in the 300MHz and 400MHz bands has started. They have a typical tolerance of ±75kHz and a wider tolerance of ±100kHz in a low-cost variant.

Miniaturisation opens up opportunities for designing transmitter and receiver circuits which are smaller and more economical than PLL-based solutions. They offer competitive advantages to manufacturers of keyless entry or tyre pressure monitoring systems in the automotive electronics industry.

Resonators are useful for designing particularly economical and reliable transmitters for alarm systems or remote controls for opening garage doors. Even LC oscillators of lower selectivity no longer represent an economical alternative because they require more tuning during manufacture.

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