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Rak-a-Van shelving systems for your work vehicle

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Rak-a-Van  shelving systems have been designed to make the most of the available storage space in your work vehicle. Their design also allows for easy self installation.  

These shelving systems are suitable to install in all models of work vehicles. They can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Vertically when you need to gain the maximum use of the height of your work van and horizontally to follow the contours of the van, thus allowing for more aisle space.  

Rak-a-Van shelving systems provide storage for any odd sized items that need to be stored as well as aiding in inventory control by reducing the occurrence of overstocking expensive items and increasing the space for your most used products.  

These shelving systems guarantee maximum working space and fast access to all stored items. This has the advantage of optimising productivity and following on from this, increasing profits for your business.  

Rak-a-Van components include:  

  • Frame shelving - Medium duty visibility shelving with a weight loading up to 20 kgs per tray  
  • Panel shelving - Heavy duty storage shelving with a weight loading per tray of up to 50 kgs  
  • Bin shelving trays - Come in 20 different sizes  
  • Open shelving trays - Available in 12 different sizes  
  • Lockable shelving trays - Ideal for storing valuable items such as tools  
  • Sliding shelves - High density trays that slide out and are ideal for storing small to medium items with a weight loading of up to 20 kgs per tray  

All trays are fully adjustable so it is very easy to change the tray location when required. Other products and accessories include items for the storage of gas bottles and work manuals.

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