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Scanners and dosimeters from Radtronics

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Radtronics  offers a wide range of scanners. The Bioscan AR-2000 from Radtronics is suitable for a wide range of applications that include nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, PET chemistry, metabolic studies, lipid biochemistry, toxicology and enzyme assays. Radtronics is focused on providing quality products coupled with performance and functionality. The iSCAN from Radtronics is suitable for usage in PET chemistry and nuclear medicine applications. It comes with multi channel analysis. The MiniScan from Radtronics comes with interchangeable detectors and is also suitable for PET chemistry and nuclear medicine.

Radtronics also offers electronic dosimetry system. The MPG 2000 series of dosimeter system from Radtronics offers recording, control and continuous personal monitoring. The DMC series Personal Electronic Dosimeters from Radtronics consist of various features that include easy reading alphanumeric display, continuous battery monitoring, threshold alarms, standard calculated battery and histogram.

The LDM series readers from Radtronics can be easily activated and deactivated. It consists of dosimass software package, input and output for connection to security gate and the like. The Dosimetry application software package from Radtronics consist of SQL server database, stand alone LDM reader manager, unique control station for each package and this package is compactable with all DMC dosimeters and LDM readers.

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