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Contract tube bending services offered by Radius Benders

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Radius Benders  has been in the business of contract tube bending for a long time and it offers its services for a variety of materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper and aluminium. The bending capacity of Radius Benders is up to 100mm (4") tube diameter on a variety of bending radii.

A variety of products for various industries including automotive, furniture, building marine and general equipment manufacturing industries is produced by Radius Benders. Apart from the above products and services, general fabrication services are also offered by Radius Benders.

Radius Benders offers mini tube bender under which the wing method of press bending has been utilised and is intended for bending up to 25mm square and round tube. Mini tube bender offered by Radius Benders is available in vertical and horizontal configurations, electric and hand control option is available and it comes with 240V motor. The mini tube bender is suitable for a lot of applications in furniture as well.

Radius Benders also offers pool fencing tube bender. Mini hydraulic pool fencing tube bender offered by Radius Benders is capable of bending tube with 16mm and 19mm diameter. Pool fencing tube bender is available in either vertical or horizontal configuration. It also has an automatic cycle and a 240V single phase motor.

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