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Medical equipment and other related products offered by Radiometer Pacific

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Radiometer Pacific  offers a range of medical equipment and other related products. The products offered by Radiometer Pacific include TCM40, TCM4, TOSCA 500, TCM400, MicroGas 7650 rapid and sensors.

TCM40 offered by Radiometer Pacific detects patient changes right away; it can be used immediately and can be taken any where.

TCM4 provides information related to transcutaneous pCO2 and pO2 incessantly and non-invasively. SmartHeat function of TCM4 stabilises transcutaneous values faster, the exclusive electrode technology provides rapid and accurate measurements. SmartTrend also ensures steady measurements, reflecting definite physiological changes in the status of the patient.

Touch screen technology and WindowsCE make it easy to use TCM4. TCM4 is always ready because of Smart Cal incorporated automatic calibration. Thus entire overview of patient history with trend curves and simple incorporation with other systems is allowed by windows platform.

TCM4 can be taken anywhere because of its lightweight, flexible handle and built-in battery.

Sensors offered by Radiometer Pacific find accurate and fast measurements. Fast response rates by composition of electrodes and precise results secured by high sensitivity are some of the features of the sensors.

TOSCA 500 measures tcpCO2 and SpO2with a single sensor. The sensor of the TOSCA 500 measures on earlobe, SpO2 and tcpCO2 and uses Masimo SET technology.

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