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Critical care testing systems offered by Radiometer Pacific

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Radiometer Pacific  is one of the world leaders in the development, production and distribution of technically advanced critical care testing systems for electrolytes, blood gas and metabolites. Radiometer Pacific offers full solutions to the composite process of blood gas analysis by the use of sampling products, innovative instrumentation and information technology supported by quality technical support.

Blood gas testing solutions from Radiometer Pacific meet the requirements of both the increasing number of point of care sites in the environment of today’s hospital and the traditional central laboratory.

Quality and economical solutions offered by Radiometer Pacific for diagnosing seriously ill patients are tailored with the Red System, which is the approach of Radiometer Pacific for analysing individual requirements of hospitals and customising optimised solutions for them.

Competent blood gas testing is important for the complete analytical process and the analyser is just one fraction of it. Radiometer Pacific helps to optimise blood gas testing by the use of a total approach called the Red System.

The approach of Red System offered by Radiometer Pacific has been divided into three stages namely process analysis, offering solutions including products and ongoing support for satisfaction.

Radiometer Pacific spends time with hospitals to find out the exact needs of the patients. Once it understands how the testing environment works, it then provides the products and support.

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