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RTS network solutions for Secon Freight

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According to Secon Freight Logistics, Radio Terminal Systems are an organisation that it can really rely on and it keeps on going out of its way to use RTS. As soon as they turn the switch, it always works, without a hitch, which Secon thinks is outstanding.

Business challenge

Over the last twelve months, Secon has engaged RTS to provide them with a number of solutions and services that relate to the movement of data and information, across their internal and external sites. Secon views RTS as their full IT network solution provider.

RTS solutions for Secon Freight

Secon had made the decision to implement a paperless warehouse system. Secon was also experiencing issues with their IP telephone system. The ADSL line between three of their sites was unreliable and unstable, and continually dropping out. Secon was referred to RTS to provide assistance.

Stage One

RTS referred Secon to an experienced logistics consultant, who identified an appropriate WMS system for them. Once that decision was made, RTS then implemented a CISCO wireless link to connect the three sites together, to provide improved bandwidth, and support the IP telephone system, PC network and RF terminal network.

RTS worked with Secon and implemented a CISCO 1200 series wireless bridge system to provide the appropriate coverage for both sites, with a minimal amount of hardware.

Stage Two

Secon was pleased with the initial project, they asked RTS to implement a CISCO wireless LAN at their main site, to provide coverage for their symbol MC9000 series handhelds. According to Secon Freight Logistics, RTS are a great team and take the worry out of a lot of things for it. The technology and workmanship is always of high quality, which has enabled it to evolve its operation considerably.


For Secon to achieve their aggressive growth targets, they see reliable networks and communication as key. Secon now has the confidence to move between sites, and still communicate as if they are on the same site.

Secon are also located close to RTS for any support issues. According to Secon Freight Logistics, it is hard to find a company one can really trust, so it is great to work with a team that is knowledgeable, provide high quality work and also operate with such integrity.

Secon Freight Logistics uses RTS as a one stop shop; calling on the team to consult with them to troubleshoot various issues and solutions, which has really helped the Secon internal IT team out.

In the future, as Secon grows, it will continue to partner with RTS for ongoing advice and services, especially to assist with racking and labelling.

Products implemented

  • RTS/CISCO wireless bridge,
  • RTS/CISCO wireless LAN

The solution has delivered a range of benefits to Secon Freight including:

  • Enabled Secon to select an appropriate warehouse management system
  • IP telephone system operating correctly through network installed, which is stable
  • Achieved suitable coverage throughout their warehouse for their wireless terminals
  • An efficient networking solution to satisfy Secon’s broader objective of becoming a paperless operation.

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