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Montague's use RTS equipment in their cold store

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Montague cold storage was researching the market for a product to better suit their forklift application within the freezer environment.

The products they had purchased and were using, were not specifically designed for cold storage and were prematurely wearing out and only providing 12-24 months of useable life.

This was proving to be expensive for the company as they were dedicated to using RF technology to provide better services to their customers.

Montague cold storage was aware of Radio Terminal Systems and their good reputation in the market, with their specialised range of freezer grade products and services.

Radio Terminal Systems' solution for Montague:

Stage one:

Radio Terminal Systems implemented RTS Trackers onto Montague cold storage’s existing network infrastructure which proved successful and performed exceptionally well in their -30oC freezer environment.

Stage two:

Montague cold storage decided in 2006 to implement its corporate warehouse management system on the Tullamarine site replacing an outdated and unsupported legacy system.

The objective was to expand wireless devices on site to promote accuracy and real-time data processing for management and customers alike.

It was a major challenge to standardise the system, update infrastructure and improve network performance.

Radio Terminal Systems partnered with Montague and were heavily involved in the strategic planning phase with them to determine suitable solution for their business.

Once decided, Radio Terminal Systems set up the infrastructure, rolled out the equipment and configured the hardware in their Tullamarine site, before rolling out the solution across all of Montague sites in Victoria.

Montague cold storage continue to work closely with RTS who have implemented a solution including Radio Terminal Systems, Symbol and CISCO products, to deliver a product mix to suit their business.

Stage 3:

Montague cold storage are currently trialing RTS’ new impact sensor product, the IMS2000, across a fleet of their forklifts in their West Melbourne site.

Initial feedback has been encouraging and it is likely that they will be rolled out across all forklifts on Victorian sites, to help reduce damage to forklifts, pallets and storage racking.


Montague cold storage sees Radio Terminal Systems as an extension. Montague uses Radio Terminal Systems for knowledge on wireless networking, new products and industry practice usage of products in the cold storage industry.

Montague sees Radio Terminal Systems getting even more involved in infrastructure planning and rollouts in the future.

Radio Terminal Systems have installed the RTS Tracker across all of Montague cold storage sites in Victoria.

The solutions and services are likely to also be expanded to the interstate sites.

Products implemented:

RTS Tracker 4 freezer grade, Radio Terminal Systems rugged scanner freezer grade, Symbol MC 9000 handheld and RTS/CISCO wireless LAN.

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