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In-tunnel wireless communications offered by Radio Frequency systems

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Radio Frequency systems  offers in-tunnel wireless communications. The tunnel industry gets affected by the drive to digital wireless communications on two distinct radio fronts namely emergency and commercial services.

From the perspective of commercial radio, motorists, train passengers and metro riders of today insist on a seamless wireless experience from the entrance of the tunnel to the exit. For this commercial technologies from 3G and 2G wireless services to up-and-coming broadband wireless data technologies should be included.

On the emergency and essential services front, the benefits of advanced digital wireless platforms such as Tetrapol, TETRA, P25, GSM-R and rising IP-based emergency services radio are vital in the contemporary tunnel network.

Radio Frequency Systems is the worldwide recognised expert in tunnel radio frequency coverage systems.

Radio Frequency systems provides total-turnkey radio frequency solutions for the world’s railway, metros, road tunnels, underground mass storage facilities and underground mines.

The technologies and services offered by Radio Frequency systems are inclusive and complete from feasibility survey, front-end site and concept design through detailed installation and design supervision to training, commissioning and maintenance.

As every tunnel is as exclusive as its purpose and route, Radio Frequency systems thoroughly tailors every tunnel radio frequency design to meet the accurate traffic, coverage and route requirements.

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