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Composite hoses and metal hoses offered by Radcoflex Australia

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Radcoflex Australia  offers composite hoses that have been produced on the principle of mandrel wrapped. The composite hose offered by Radcoflex Australia consists of an inner wire spiral upon which layers of film and fabric are wrapped and these are bound with an external wire spiral. The pressure among each of the wire spiral gives the pressure capability to the hose.

The heart of a composite hose lies in the material selection. Film and fabric materials that are used in composite hoses include polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. The wire helixes are made of aluminium, galvanised steel, polypropylene coated steel or stainless steel.

Radcoflex Australia also offers corrugated metal hoses that are suitable for a broad variety of applications in the chemical, steelmaking, petrochemical, smelting, materials handling, automotive and power generation industries apart from various other fields.

The corrugated metal hose offered by Radcoflex Australia can be used for the correction of misalignments, transportation of gases and fluids and for the absorption of vibrations and movements.

Radcoflex Australia manufactures corrugated metal hose from comparatively lean wall butt welded tube within which rounded corrugations are formed. The benefit of corrugated metal hose over other materials is its potential to withstand high impact, high temperature and corrosive atmospheres and substances.

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