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Microwave hardware offered by Radata Systems NZ Limited

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Radata Systems NZ Limited  offers microwave hardware supplied by PMX networks. The UniMax group of digital microwave radios offers high capacity transmission, convenience and features of SDH, PDH and IP network operators.

UniMax P85 offers software and hardware with a scaleable capacity of 8–100Mbps and channel bandwidths by use of field replaceable plug- in modules for general payload tributary interfaces that include Ethernet, 32xE1 or a blend of these payloads for a throughput of 100 Mbps.

UniMax S155 STM-1 radio system offered by Radata Systems NZ Limited can be integrated into wireless extensions, fibre-based SDH networks or standalone microwave networks.

Radata Systems NZ Limited also offers peripherals of DCI technologies. Radata Systems NZ Limited offers MicroCAPP which is a flexible micro driven serial port controller, supports buffer transmitter controller, has two applications off the shelf and has parrot and forward repeater feature. MicroCAPP has been configured by a software package and it provides a host of powerful features which makes it suitable for a large number of serial interface applications.

Radata Systems NZ Limited offers MicroCAPP/RTS. MicroCAPP/RTS is a transmitter controller which allows link of three wire legacy peripherals to radio modems that require RTS/CTS transmitter control.

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