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A review of radar detectors by Radar Detectors Australia

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Good rador detectors to use in AustraliaRadar Detectors Australia has tested the top 3 radar detectors in Perth under normal driving conditions.

Multanova Detection Range

Whistler Pro-78: 320m/320m (approximately)
Valentine One: 320m/300m (approximately)
Beltronics STI: 240m/150m (approximately)

Multanova cameras are very difficult to detect. Only high-end detectors provide advanced warning. The Whistler design appears to be more consistent and reliable and now includes a EURO/MULTANOVA mode for approximately 30% increased Multanova detection.


Whistler radar detectors come with a 3-year warranty and support. Whistler detectors offer an attractive retail price and profit for the dealer too. A 12-month warranty is provided for Beltronics STI Detectors. But for Valentine customers in Australia, no warranty is provided.

Usability & Programming

Whistler radar detectors are easy to configure and also come pre-tested and pre-programmed. Beltronics is also easy to configure; however, the double use of some buttons can make it slightly difficult for an average user. Both Whistler and Beltronics have voice and safety warning alerts and make it easy to differentiate K and Ka band alerts.

Valentine One Radar Detectors are complex to program. Many of its options are not explained in the user’s guide. Valentine One does not offer voice alerts, so it is difficult to differentiate between a false K band alert and a Ka Multanova alert.

False Alert Reduction

The Whistler Pro78 and XTR690 have been independently reviewed and are known for being very quiet radar detectors. They automatically filter many false alerts, making them much quieter than other non GPS radar detectors.

Reliability (Operating Temperature)

Whistler radar detectors can withstand up to 110 Celsius. The Whistler Pro Detector’s operating temperature is 80 Celsius, whereas the Beltronics STI and the Valentine One are rated at 70 Celsius.

The Whistler XTR690 and Whistler PRO78 have the following features that make them ideal for use in Western Australia:

  • Extended warranty comes standard
  • Longer and consistent Multanova detection
  • Less false alerts
  • Easy to use and program
  • Better suited to Western Australia’s climate

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