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Static piller power systems from RWE Piller

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RWE Piller  specialises in dynamic and static piller power systems. RWE Piller offers Uniblock UBT UPS systems which are uniquely designed and engineered to optimise the uniblock dynamic UPS combination with battery-free technology. Uniblock UBT systems are integrated with flywheel for storage and release of kinetic energy for any power outages.

RWE Piller offers static power systems for automated production plants, complex computer centres and other critical applications which are high in need of UPS systems in case of power failure. Non-linear loads, shock loads and overloads caused by power surges are handled efficiently. Static piller power systems are available as AP Premium and APOSTAR AR.

AP Premium static piller power systems are double conversion online UPS which employs the advanced generation technology for more efficiency, flexibility and reliability. AP Premium is designed to deliver high level of real power for the protection of demanding applications like power factor loads.

RWE Piller offers APOSTAR AR which has an automatically adjusting final discharge voltage. RWE Piller offers APOSTAR AR for uninterruptible power supply, it is highly reliable, redundant and power paralleled configuration of nearly six units.

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