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Piller power systems from RWE Piller

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RWE Piller  offers a wide range of piller power systems. RWE Piller offers complete range of dynamic and static technologies. RWE Piller provides dynamic range of UPS systems like the Piller Uniblock systems which uses the generated electricity to provide constant power even for critical loads. The generator type of the dynamic UPS systems applies the combination of reliable electromechanical equipment and advanced electronics for producing and delivering flawless sine wave and constant voltage even with load or utility disturbances. RWE Piller offers innovative solutions that adhere to the quality standards and specifications.

Dynamic piller power systems from RWE Piller includes Uniblock UBR, Uniblock UBR with water cooling, Uniblock UBSF, Uniblock UBT, Uniblock UBTD with engine generator. Uniblock UBR is a water cooled UPS system fitted with completely enclosed water to air cooling system. The closed cooling water and air system makes it free from additional ventilation systems or air-conditioning systems. Uniblock UBR is installed in hazardous environments or small rooms with dust and aerosols.

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