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Energy storage system from RWE Piller

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RWE Piller  specialises in a wide range of energy storage systems. Powerbridge flywheel from RWE Piller is an alternative for DC energy of piller UPS systems. Powerbridge flywheels when vertically mounted can operate with a speed range from 3,600 to 1,500 rates per minute. Powerbridge flywheel is highly reliable and easily maintainable for back up power.

RWE Piller utilises both sealed and flooded common batteries as back up source of energy storage for piller power systems. RWE Piller also offers comprehensive maintenance and monitoring solution to assure reliable battery operations. RWE Piller provides energy storage systems for various services like turnkey installation, removal, testing and reporting.

RWE Piller offers power systems for aircraft ground power systems, APOTRANS Static transfer switches, etc. RWE Piller offers Piller UPS for wide range of clients including telecommunications networks, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, broadcasters, air traffic control, airports, various production, computer data centres and organisations. RWE Piller provides services ranging from installation and commissioning to emergency call out, predictive analysis, planned maintenance, spare parts and training.

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